Monday, November 21, 2011


I do not think the movie really captured how I imagined Rosedale or Gus Trenor for that matter!! (Gus on the left, Rosedale behind-- me thinks)

If the title didn’t make it clear, I cried in the end, but ALSO, I cried the third to last chapter when Lily says good by to Seldon. OMG Lily’s life!

On the one hand she was always on this moral verge, right? I mean she, wouldn’t marry for love, and only would marry someone with money, thus giving up that opportunity to be happy, but at the same time refused to do anything immoral to fulfill her other goal. So many miss opportunity, almost always because of Seldon, whether it be because she chose him over the other, or because she feared being thought badly by Seldon. However at the same time she was ruining her opportunities for Seldon, she could never let herself marry him, or even continue any relations with him beyond friend! Despite how all the horrible upper societies women talked about her, she held strongly to her morals. She wouldn’t have an affair with Gus Trenor, she wouldn’t get back at Mrs. Dorsett by agree to marry George Dorsett (which, I’m just putting it out there, sounded REALLY good after Bertha totally fucked her over for her personal ambitions), she wouldn’t even consent to blackmail Bertha (so that she could marry Rosedale), which honestly I just saw as a leveling of the playing fields! Bertha was such a TWAT!!!!! (I’m refraining from further profanity).

Ok, so Lily is constantly fighting her morals, and her mother’s and societal pressure to be with a man who has money, and will adore her. She has everything at her fingertips, but can never grab any of it.

This situation, Lily and Rosedale ironically reminded me of my beautiful host mother who I adored in Peru, who was dating a fat, drunk man, who appeared to be wealthy. My host sister hated him, and honestly, I couldn’t have agreed more with her sentiment. Thankfully I have news they are no longer together however, at the time it was really hard to appreciate why she was dating him! When I was there I asked her, and her response was that he is sweet, and it’s hard to find a single middle-aged man in Peru (her husband was 22 years older than she and died of cancer, but she was sooo in love with him!). Anyway this drunk, redface, socially awkward, large man reminded me of Rosedale (not that he was drunk). 
The beautiful ladies of my Peruvian family! (Marissa on the left is obvi American too)
Beautiful host mother Marjua, annnnd.... you know who.


  1. I agree with your description of Rosedale- and choice of what he would really look like. Also I didn't cry, but I was sad that Lily ended with no love and no friends really.

  2. I agree. It's a very sad ending, especially when Selden never seems to get the whole picture.